Cyber Petrol 451: To Burn
and Suppress

What's going on here?

Under the guise of censoring pornographic web sites, the makers of Cyber Patrol are also using their software to suppress reviews and papers critical of their product's many shortcomings. Now that some folks have decoded the list of blocked sites and put their dishonest practices out in the open, the makers of Cyber Patrol are not just blocking their websites - they're also abusing the court system in an attempt to silence their most vocal and critical detractors. What the makers of Cyber Patrol are after is not a patrolling of the Internet, but rather a petrolling of the Internet: to dowse everything they don't like in Cyber Petrol and then use the court system to set it ablaze.

Barbie dons her lawyer outfit and CyberPetrol® flamethrower to destroy our constitutional rights.

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The makers of Cyber Patrol don't think it's enough to suppress the viewing of sites they don't like on computers where their software is installed. Now they want to make it impossible to view an Internet site containing a paper that is critical of their product on every computer - even computers where their software is not installed - through legal bullying of the authors and their ISP's.

Standing idle while the rights of another are taken away is nearly as morally reprehensible as taking those rights away yourself, especially when there's an easy way to make things right. Since it's an easy way to reduce the effectiveness of Microsystems Software and Mattel's bullying efforts and also ensure the continued publication of the Jansson and Skala paper on Cyber Patrol, I'm publishing a copy of their paper on this web site.

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